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A Supportive Environment

Group classes are a great way to exercise and recover. Let the support of your peers and our trained instructors motivate you to push yourself safely and mindfully.

Our Group Classes

KINSTRETCH® Functional Mobility – Tuesdays at 12PM & Thursdays at 7PM w/Dawn

Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that maximizes functional mobility, body control and flexibility for all ages. This 45 minute group class will optimize your activities of daily living and athletic pursuits by working within your range of joint mobility. Flexibility is NOT a prerequisite for this class, but will certainly improve with dedicated practice.

TEEN KINSTRETCH® Functional Mobility –  Thursdays at 4:30PM w/Dawn

Teen Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system for teenagers that maximizes functional mobility, body control and flexibility. This 45 minute group class will optimize your activities of daily living and athletic pursuits by working within your range of joint mobility. Flexibility is NOT a prerequisite for this class, but will certainly improve with dedicated practice.

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reVITALIZE at the Barre – Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 7PM w/Kim

This full body barre class designed with a interval training format will get your heart rate up while focusing on building strength and cardiovascular endurance. No dance experience needed.

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reWIND – Fridays at 6PM w/Fiona
Throw it back with this 45 minute choreography based movement class. Grooving, party dances and old school hip-hop are the key elements of this class. If you love getting down while getting sweaty this is the class for you!

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Teen Mindfulness – Monday’s at 6PM w/Linda

Teens Mindfulness will offer practices of awareness that can help you cope with anxious feelings, identify triggers that might escalate stress, deal with difficult feelings, and reduce worries.

Mindfulness is a way to be aware of thoughts and feelings in the present moment helping you to feel calmer and offer yourself some doable and valuable self-care.

We will explore breathing exercises, guided visualization and consider tips on how to deal with social situations, test taking and getting good sleep at night.

New Beginning Meditation – Monday’s at 7:00PM w/Linda

Mindfulness practices such as breath awareness, body scan, visualizations, will be explored. Mindfulness practice will include topics of reflection and insight. As we become more aware of ourselves, our challenges, our strengths, and our stressors, we can learn to meet ourselves with wise and affectionate attention. Mindfulness helps put some space between ourselves and our reactions, changing habitual ways of reacting to life. There will be different practices offered over the weeks allowing participants to experience mindfulness in a variety of ways, finding ‘your’ way as a mindfulness practitioner.

Sunrise Mindfulness Meditation – Wednesday’s at 6:30AM w/Linda

A Sunrise Mindfulness Meditation is a healthy start to the day. Practices offer a way to set the tone of your day before the agenda, stressors and busyness begins; this time gives rather than takes energy, builds on one’s ability to focus and starts the day with a sense of wellbeing.

Being a “morning person” is not a prerequisite – this is a practice that can give you benefits that affect your whole day; like an essential nutrient to experience.

Mindfulness – Rest in Awareness- Wednesdays at 8:00PM w/Linda

This ‘end of the day’ mindfulness moment will offer a moment to reflect on your day, relax the body and mind, preparing for a night’s rest. Through the practice of mindfulness, there is a natural invitation for letting go, as best we can, the stress or built-up tensions of the day, affirming for a new day tomorrow and resting in the awareness of the moment. Practices will include, breath awareness, guided visualization, body scan and self-guided practices.

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If you’re looking for a fun friends night out, birthday party or bachelorette party this is it! Gather your friends and choose between a dance or stretch class before enjoying a glass of wine or beer! Our Sip Group Classes can be booked out for groups up to 12 and include 1 beverage and light snacks for $420/group. If you’re looking for an alternative date please email or call 587.819.5629 to discuss!

Sip & Sass – Fridays at 7PM w/Fiona

Build your confidence and embrace your sexy side with this sassy choreography class. A full warm up, a combination in either heels or runners and a glass of wine, craft beer and some light snacks to follow.

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Sip & Stretch – Tuesdays at 8PM w/Dawn

Join in for an private evening of stretching with your friends. FST is a recovery tool that helps you heal, prevent injury, and move your best. With FST, your muscles can begin to feel balanced, whether they’re over-active or inhibited. After your guided stretch class enjoy wine, local craft beer and snacks with your friends while you visit and listen to our vintage record player.

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Pricing & Memberships

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  • Single class @ $20

10 Class Pack

  • 10 classes @ $180

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