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A Supportive Environment

Group classes are a great way to exercise and recover. Let the support of your peers and our trained instructors motivate you to push yourself safely and mindfully.

Our Group Classes

Mindfulness is a recovery practice that can transform your mind and body. In each class, we’ll guide you through techniques like meditation, breathing exercises, and visualization. By helping you be present in your day to day life, Mindfulness Practice can improve both your mental focus and physical health.

A mindful lifestyle has been linked to benefits like improved memory, reduced stress, and overall better quality of life. Mindfulness has even been shown to help improve outcomes for insomnia, chronic pain, heart disease, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Each class is 50 minutes. All ages are welcome.

While this class is definitely not yoga, it will still leave you feeling mobile and limber. Based on the principles of fascial stretch therapy, each class will safely guide you through deep stretches. Elite athletes and couch potatoes alike can benefit from this class.

From enhanced sports performance to enhanced daily life, everyone can benefit from being a little stretchier. Each class begins with self-assessment, where you can identify your own needs and issues. There is no “right” way; instead, your instructor will work with you to help you feel your best.

Each class is 50 minutes.

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This guided stretch class is specifically for seniors. Using the same fascial stretch therapy principles, we’ll guide you through stretches tailored to those in their golden years.

During the class, we’ll work on increasing your range of motion and mobility, specifically targeting the neck, shoulders, and hips. And because this class is made just for seniors, we’ll take every precaution while still making sure you get an effective and deep stretch.

Each class is 50 minutes. Recommended for seniors or those with mobility issues, like arthritis.


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Strengthen, stretch and define your muscles at the barre. This 45 minute class welcomes all bodies and experience levels. No dancing background required.

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Pricing & Memberships

In Person

  • Single class @ $20
  • 10 classes @ $180


  • Student/Senior 60+ @10
  • Drop in @ $15

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