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Transform Your Mind Through Mindset Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Mindset Coaching and Hypnotherapy involves the ability to uncover your limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are holding you back from reaching your optimal health, happiness, and overall goals in life.

Through coaching and hypnotherapy– you can replace your negative thinking with more positive thoughts that will influence how you see yourself, your potential and your capabilities, ultimately shaping the outcomes in your life. Everything begins in the mind. If you have been struggling to accomplish, perform, or make a change– start with tackling your thinking, which will in return change your behavior and the results will come.”

The Benefits of Mindset Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Mindset Coaching practices like mindfulness are a valuable recovery tool. Many studies have found that mindfulness can help decrease stress, reduce insomnia, and even improve memory. Potential benefits include:

  • Reduced stress
  • Elimination of self doubt & self sabotage
  • Eliminating negative behavior that is holding your back from reaching your goals
  • Improved sleep & memory
  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved outcomes for anxiety and depression
  • Chronic pain management

Mindset Private Sessions & Classes

Has this pandemic made you feel even the slightest disconnected with yourself? In an over stimulating world, the most powerful tool you can practice is that of slowing down. In this 3session, you will have the opportunity to connect with your mind, body and soul again.

Each 45 minute session will consist of a guided visualization, setting intentions, rediscovering yourself again through visualization and self awareness, breath work and connection.

There are no limits when it comes to sport. The only limit is the one you have placed on yourself. Mental conditioning requires you to step into the athlete you WANT to be. Leveling up your game requires levelling up your mind and how you see yourself and your own potential.

Sports visualization and Imagery is a hypnosis meditation that allows the individual to enter into a relaxed state and let go of limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviors that are holding the athlete back from his or her own potential. Through specialized techniques the practioner will guide the individual to use their mind to replace the limiting belief with a powerful one that will transform how the athlete sees themselves, their ability to reach their desired outcomes.

During these sessions you will truly spring into this next season of life with renewed, energy, confidence and the ability to lose weight and keep it off. The difference between this program and anything else you have tried is that you can’t outrun or out diet your limiting beliefs. Once you change your mindset and step into the healthy person you want to be, you will finally be able to lose the weight you so desperately desire. Through visualization, tackling limiting thought patterns and training your brain to think like a lighter person, you will be able to create and maintain results.

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Pricing & Memberships


  • 45 Minute Consultation @ $45
  • 45 Minute Single Session @ $90 Book Now


  • 4 Week Package @ $360
  • 6 Week Package @ $540

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