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Fascial Stretch Therapy in Red Deer

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What is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

We all know the benefits of stretching, but what if you had help stretching the exact body parts you needed to? Fascial stretch therapy (FST) is an assisted stretching treatment administered by a certified therapist to aid your recovery.

Unlike other therapies that focus on your muscles, fascial stretch therapy targets the body’s connective tissue, known as fascia. Focusing on your fascia, your certified therapist guides your body through targeted stretches.

More than Just Flexibility

While FST can help increase your flexibility, it’s much more than that. FST is a recovery tool that helps you heal, prevent injury, and move your best. With FST, your muscles can begin to feel balanced, whether they’re over-active or inhibited. Other benefits can include:

  • Shorter recovery times
  • Better mobility & flexibility
  • Improved posture & balance
  • Reduced stress
  • Decreased joint aches & pains
  • Increased blood flow to muscles
  • Improved sports performance & recovery

Your certified therapist will begin your treatment by assessing your symptoms, pain, or injury. Once your therapist understands your needs, they will tailor a stretching plan to you.

Pricing & Memberships

Fascia Stretch Appointment

  • 30 minutes @ $50
  • 60 minutes @ $95
  • 75 minutes @ $120

Frequently Asked Questions

Fascia is a connective tissue that’s found throughout your body. It surrounds and holds almost all of your internal structures, including organs, blood vessels, nerve fibres, and muscles. Not only does it provide support to your internal structures, but it also has nerves that are sensitive like your skin. This sensitivity can make fascia a source of pain and other issues.

Many patients find FST quite relaxing, both during and after the procedure. Compared to other recovery therapies, FST is usually painless, as it only involves applying mild pressure. If you ever feel pain during your FST session, be sure to let your therapist know, as this is not a normal part of treatment.

Just like a massage from a massage therapist is likely more effective than self-massage, FST from a certified therapist helps you achieve a deeper, better stretch. Your certified therapist is specially trained, so they know which areas to target to help you stretch effectively and safely.

Anyone can be an athlete. Whether you’re a competitive marathoner or a dedicated weekend warrior, everyone deserves to feel and move better. Your sports therapy treatment will be tailored to you and your sport, so you can get the most from your treatment.

FST has some similarities to physiotherapy and massage therapy. Like some forms of physiotherapy, FST uses manual therapy, which involves your therapist using skilled hand movements to manipulate soft tissue and joints. FST is somewhat similar, but it focuses specifically on your fascia.

Massage therapy and FST can have similar benefits, like pain relief and relaxation, but they are fundamentally different treatments. During massage therapy, your therapist will use pressure to treat your muscles and connective tissues. With FST, your therapist will move your body, stretching your fascia without applying pressure.

You should wear athletic clothing that allows for full range of motion. We recommend a t-shirt and yoga pants/sweatpants. It is also mandatory to wear socks for your treatment. If you do not have socks for your appointment, you will need to purchase a pair prior to treatment.

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